Vol. 1 “Alpha”

We are thrilled to present the first volume of OneShot. Two years in the making, this initial endeavor is a product of patience, dedication, and the earnest belief that games and play are rhetorically powerful works. This volume was published in March of 2019 and unveiled at the Conference on College Composition and Communication of that same year.

OneShot: A Journal of Critical Play and Games. Volume 1, 2019.

Conflict Management 101: University Edition

  • Mollie Boynton, University of Montevallo
  • Cathlena Martin, University of Montevallo
  • Benton Tyler, University of Montevallo

Creating an Interactive Fiction Adventure: A Critical Essay on Resistance in Saisei

  • Miranda Suarez, Juniata College
  • Hannah Bellwoar, Juniata College

Cs the Day: The Trading Card Game

  • Wendi Sierra, St. John Fisher College

Empire and Resistance: Challenges in Historical Tabletop Game Design

  • Geoffrey Gimse, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
  • Courtney Herber, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Nonlinear Narrative in Fallout 2

  • Kenton Taylor Howard, University of Central Florida

On the Fly: Teaching Open Improvisation Through Play

  • Ethan Rubin, Roxbury Preparatory Charter School

Roll for Student Initiative

  • Chris Stuart, Clemson University

The Television Crew

  • Eric Murnane, University of Central Florida
  • Laura Okkema, University of Central Florida

TextJam: Playing with Pedagogy, Textual Spaces, and Remix

  • Daniel Frank, Clemson University


Roanoke: A Post-Mortem on Undergraduate Research Game Design

  • Cathlena Martin, University of Montevallo
  • Stephen Gilbert, Jesus “Chuy” Guizar, Will Kirkpatrick, and Sara Perry