OneShot began, like many of these publications do, in the lounge areas and meeting rooms of academic conferences. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, the soon-to-be-editors realized that many of the projects they were working on–dubiously called “games as essays”–had no home anywhere within academic publishing. Where does a LARP exist within the stodgy world of journals? How might player-scholars read the reflections of the developer while simultaneously playing their Twine-based game? How might a publication platform foster game development by a larger academic community?

These and many, many other questions catalyzed this publication while continuing to inform its development. Unlike most academic journals whose processes are black-boxed and closed off to contributors, submittors, and audiences alike, editors of OneShot believe publishing can be so much more. Just as OneShot combines playtesting and traditional peer-review, we are always looking for ways to open the review process, work with developer-authors to refine their project, and share their work with the world as liberally and as efficiently as possible.

So what you are currently viewing is an experiment in publishing games, as viable and authentic forms of academic works, alongside more conventional texts. What’s more, we are hoping to push the affordances of the academic publishing model, expanding access to develop a valuable resource for scholars, educators, and researchers interested in the use of games.

Current Editors
Lauren Woolbright (Alma College)

Daniel Cox (University of Central Florida)

Melissa Bianchi (Nova Southeastern University)

Cody Mejeur (University at Buffalo)

Josh Wood (Syracuse University)

Christopher Stuart (University of North Carolina Wilmington)

Founding Editors
Daniel Cox (University of Central Florida)

Kristopher Purzycki (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Lauren Woolbright (Alma College)

OneShot: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Play and Game Studies is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. ALl works unless otherwise noted are also licensed as such.