Vol. 2 “Beta”

Diverse and Inclusive Design: Making Games for and about Social Justice

We are thrilled to present the second volume of OneShot. ——- This volume was published in February of 2021.

Game materials from Roll PlayerZombicide: Black Plague;
Dice Throne; and Adventurer’s Tarot: The Empress Deck
Photographer: Chris Stuart

OneShot: A Journal of Critical Play and Games. Volume 2, 2021.

Letter from the Editors

A Seat at the Table: Inclusivity and Tabletop Games

  • Cathlena Martin, University of Montevallo
  • Sara Perry, Game Designer

Ace Detective

  • Emma Kostopolus, University of Kansas
  • Brynn Fitzsimmons, University of Kansas

Election 2016

  • Sara Lovett, University of Washington

Food for Thought

  • Sean Pauley, Alma College

The Sewer Transnationalists

  • Juan Llamas-Rodriguez, University of Texas at Dallas

Troubleshooting with Tarot

  • Hong-An (Ann) Wu, University of Texas at Dallas